Cora Phillips


Cora M. Phillips holds a Bachelor’s Degree from NAU in Public Administration & Social Planning, a Master’s Degree from ASU in Clinical and Community Social Work.

She served as Executive Director for Navajo Nation Division of Social Services and Division of Health, consecutively. Her work has been in government, policy analysis, research, child welfare systems, juvenile justice, Health, Environmental Health, Education, Indigenous Cultures, healing methodologies, epigeneticism, cancer prevention, cultural ethnography, cultural competency, etc.

As a consultant, she’s worked with Bureau of Reclamation, UofA, Blankenship Consulting, Inc., HDR, Inc. and the National Capacity Building Center for Tribes.

Her past and current professional involvement is with NAU/UofA’s Community Advisory Council for Native American Cancer Prevention, Precision Medicine’s NA Steering Council, ASU – American Indian Projects, UNM Birth Cohort Study and is currently “Co-Lead” for NAU’s INSPIRE Project on opioids addiction/pain management.

She was the first Native American to serve on the National Democratic Party Platform Committee and AZ Executive Committee. She served as a cabinet member under (3) Navajo Nation Presidents’ and received two appointments to serve on the AZ Juvenile Justice Commission and AZ Commission on Indian Affairs.

She is currently a technical and policy advisor to the Dine Hatahlii (healers) Association, and is researching the ancient cultural healing modalities and the ancient healing systems in hopes of establishing a cross-cultural understanding and enhancing the universal language of healing. She has presented at the American Psychological Association, American Public Health Association, International Physicians Against Nuclear Warfare, International Cultural Festival and Indigenous Cultures in Germany, Washington DC, UAE-Dubai and Canada.

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